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Hi! I'm Ash Wolf (or Ninji), a 25-year-old software developer in Glasgow, Scotland. I like graphic design (it's my passion), reverse-engineering and terrible jokes. Sometimes I make things and put them on the internet (like this website). Some of them are on the Creations page.

I'm currently a fourth-year Computer Science student at the University of Strathclyde.

In the past I've done a bunch of stuff with console game hacking (most notably for the DS and Wii variants of New Super Mario Bros.), but I've moved on from that for the most part.

Web Site Under Construction

Construction person repeatedly banging at a pile of dirt with a shovel I'm still working on this website, so please understand if you come across anything that's broken or incomplete. If you have a suggestion, then feel free to send me an email at ninji@wuffs.org! (No HTML email, please)

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Recent Posts

  • · Pulling apart the Cosmo's SystemFOTA updater

    I recently got a Cosmo Communicator from Planet Computers, the device that's basically the unholy offspring of a Psion Series 5mx and a no-name Android smartphone. The hardware is pretty nice (although it's held back in some aspects by their obvious lack of budget, as a niche manufacturer), but th...

  • · Spoonalysis: Mapping UK Chain Pub Prices

    Wherein I take advantage of the location and menu data used by mobile ordering apps to determine precisely where in the UK you can get the cheapest microwaved lasagne accompanied by a Jagerbomb... sorry, I mean Strikabomb. Not very useful, but fun!

  • · Mouse Adventures #8: Dissecting the USB Code and Unbricking the Mouse

    Wherein I disassemble my mouse's USB command processing code in order to figure out why it's semi-bricked and how to get it into a usable state again. Long read, but hopefully worth it :p

  • · Mouse Adventures #7: Writing an IDA Processor Module

    Wherein I use IDAPython to put together a processor module for the Holtek HT68FB560 MCU, so I can properly disassemble my mouse's firmware.

  • · Mouse Adventures #6: Enabling the Bootloader

    Wherein I explore various different methods to try and get my mouse into bootloader mode so I can flash it. It didn't get me anywhere, but it's all about the journey, right?


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