A picture of my fursona
(art by Soy)

Hi! I'm Ash Wolf (or Ninji), a 29-year-old software developer from Gibraltar and living in Glasgow, Scotland. I like reverse-engineering, old technology, graphic design, awful jokes, public transport, cities, travel and combinations of some of those things.

I recently graduated from Computer Science at the University of Strathclyde. I used to moonlight as lead programmer for the MMO Furcadia, and I've made/worked on a lot of other silly things. I now do back-end engineering for a bigger MMORPG that you've almost certainly played at least once.

Find me on the Fediverse for inane slice-of-life content and random photos from around Glasgow, at @Ninji@wuffs.org - you can follow me from your favourite Mastodon™-compatible software. I'm also on Bluesky: @ninji.dog

Like my stuff? Feel free to send me a pound or two: PayPal.me | Ko-fi | Monzo (UK)

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