• Relaying OpenVPN through a Remote Server

    Wherein I set up OpenVPN on my VPS so that I can access my home network (which is behind forced NAT and can’t accept inbound connections of any kind) while I’m away from home.

  • An Unholy Combination: Closure Compiler, Preact and JSX

    Wherein I try to figure out how to make the Google Closure Compiler play nicely with a bunch of other stuff like Gulp and Preact from the scary outside-of-Google world. I think I mostly succeeded. Hopefully.

  • A Rant About Proxying API Requests on iOS (and others)

    Wherein I try to find a way to redirect API requests from Twitter clients through an external proxy, for request modification shenanigans. It’s easy everywhere… except for non-jailbroken iOS. Because Apple.

  • How I Began Modding NSMBWii

    I’m planning to write a series of posts about low-level modifications to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the 2009 Nintendo game. This is a sort of ‘prequel’ to that series, where I write some fluff about how I got to this point and the history/background of NSMBW mods.

  • Introduction

    This post marks my second attempt to start a blog! The last one barely got off the ground, but I feel like I’ve got more to write about now, so perhaps I’ll actually keep it going?

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