These are not always functional because I'm a masochist and run Arch Linux on my server, and every time Python gets updated, I forget to recreate the virtualenv that runs them for like two months.

Sorry. :p


Posts a NUT button with a random word on it, every two hours.


Posts four random Twitter polls every day with items and topics selected from Wikipedia categories.


Posts a random jeans-based portmanteau (jortmanteau) every three hours.


Tweets random things to get REALLY 👏 ANGRY 👏 ABOUT. Sometimes random sentences from Wikipedia, sometimes just random combinations of words.

Example of the caps lock bot

@CAPSLOCKBOT (discontinued)

Tweet text at this bot and it will reply with an AESTHETIC image containing that text.

I built this at the end of December 2015, and it blew up and became absurdly popular for a little bit - to the point where its replies would continually get rate-limited by Twitter.

I had to block some users from it and also filter specific words, which was a bit disappointing - but I guess inevitable on the Internet™.

Since this was in the peak Undertale hype period, one silly easter egg I put in was that certain UT-related words would make the bot generate an image using Fixedsys as the font instead of Arial.

Example of the clip art bot

@ClipArtBot (discontinued)

Tweet an image at this bot and it will add random clipart to it and send it back to you.

This was my first image-generating Twitter bot, built using Ruby and RMagick in 2014. I selected an assortment of images from Openclipart and wrote code that would overlay anywhere from 5 to 16 onto an image, at random positions, scales and angles.

I later added automatic tweeting as well, where it would overlay clipart onto random freely-licenced stock images.

I took it down in 2018 because it was continually getting into reply loops with other image-manipulation bots and nobody was actually using it, so I felt like it had overstayed its welcome.